My mother is worried I have mental problems.”

Submarine (2011) dir. Richard Ayoade

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Born on this day (07/22/1882): Edward Hopper.

Self-Portrait and Hand Studies, c. 1900.

“I would always feel closest to the man who had disappointed me.”

Sherman Alexie, from “War Dances” in Great Short Stories by Contemporary Native American Writers 

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Anonymous asked:

schoolmassacres is literally as thick as pig shit lol. special snowflake disorder she has for sure.


It’s so strange to get anon hate for another blog. I apologize for not replying sooner. I simply did not realize I had avid enough followers to warrant messages. This is cool. I want more anon messages! Preferably the nice kind, but I can deal with the shitty kind, too. Thanks, anon for the message, but let’s not say mean things about other people.


tragiclittlethings asked:

Did you go to the Conor Oberst gig in Manchester Cathedral? I was there and it was amazing <3 you reblogging that photoset just made me wonder


I did not. I truly wish I could have, now that I know about it, but there are so many reasons I would never have been able to. Money, my location in the United States, and the fact that I had no idea it was happening it the first place are amoung these reasons.
I did, however, get to see him with Dawes in Minnesota a short time ago.